Sexual Integrity



The key is making sexual choices that will keep you healthy and whole.  Sexual Integrity Programs CAN HELP. Regardless of what you have done with your body in the past, you can make choices that can lead you to a pure and healthy lifestyle starting today.

  Sexual Integrity is expressing the gift of sexuality throughout life in a true, excellent, honest and pure way.


        Sexual Integrity helps you build positive social relationships and reputations.

Sexual Integrity helps you avoid an unplanned pregnancy, post abortion medical and emotional problems, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility and broken relationships.


     Sexual Integrity helps you avoid a lifetime of shame while receiving healing and forgiveness.


       The rules have changed ... know the risks.  Perhaps you have chosen to 

    be sexually active.   Because you are a whole person, this choice may 

       leave you exposed to certain risks in all areas of your life.   Please take 

a minute to consider any items on the following list, which describe 

what you have experienced or may experience. Your choices affect 

your future...and come with consequences:


Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Dating Violence
Abuse— Physical and Verbal


Guilty           Depressed
Angry            Confused
Used & Hurt by others


Doing poorly in school
Seeing oneself as dumb
Not thinking about consequences


I don’t have peace.
I feel God is far away.
I don’t feel worthy of God’s love.
I want to start over.


Hurt reputation
Suspicious parents
Boyfriend not respectful
Loss of friends
Being treated differently

Your choices even affect your future spouse and children. This is a very important time and your choices will impact others. Use your head to guide your heart.
You are valuable and you deserve a life without fear and regret...