You will receive a proof of pregnancy letter plus information about the online application process at Maryland Health Connection


We can provide you with a list of agencies to call to seek transitional housing, emergency sheltering, and low cost housing.  These include:

  • Gabriel Network
  • Turning Point
  • PG County Emergency Shelter
  • Sasha Bruce
  • St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth, and Families


If you want to carry to term but cannot financially handle the burden involved, there are many reputable adoption agencies who can interview while you are at our Center and begin the process of finding you the parents who meet the profile you wish for your child to be raised by.  The agencies we most use are:

  • Bethany Christian
  • Barker Foundation
  • Cradle of Hope
  • Catholic Charities
  • Birth Mother's Choice

Grief Counseling

Sometimes a pregnancy will end with a miscarriage or fetal demise (later term miscarriage).  There is help and hope.  Call us for more information about MILK: 301-423-0042 

Domestic Violence Abuse Counseling

Domestic abuse is an ongoing problem in our society today.  We understand and appreciate the need to help women escape this unwanted and dangerous way of living.  That's why every woman who comes to our Center fills out a domestic violence abuse survey card.  There's hope with a non-profit counseling agency: Still I Rise.